Passion to perfection

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Thornhill Florist Your Local Floral Store in Toronto
Thornhill Florist Your Local Floral Store in Toronto
Thornhill Florist Your Local Floral Store in Toronto


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Flower trends are constantly evolving.

Bouquets and arrangements can demonstrate history, art, and the culture of our society. The introduction of such elements into our lives can change our mood and even our viewpoints dramatically.

Most compelling trends are the ones that reference a natural garden style - wild and natural arrangements with a strong artistic vision.

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Plants have a way of making an ordinary room look extraordinary. Not only do they create a beautiful and welcoming environment, science has proven that live plants reduce stress and create a healthier and happier atmosphere. Just being near a healthy green plant can improve your mood.

Thornhill Market Florist can help you reap the benefits of this natural mood-booster with short-term or long-term plant and tree rentals.

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If you just love flowers and a floral design, or want to become the next budding Florist, Tanya Efimov uses her experience to teach participants of every skill level. She has seminars for everyone, including the DIY Brides and also Mom & Kid programs.

With over 16 years in the floral and wedding business she is an expert in the field of floral design and wedding planning. She always had passion for flowers and floral design in general.

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Thornhill Florist - your local Canadian flower shop in Thornhill, Ontario. We serve Greater Toronto Area and North Toronto and deliver in Canada, United States and all over the world. From upscale wedding, humongous gala to small corporate gathering or house warming party - we do it all. We carry finest selection of fresh local and imported flowers and plants to satisfy even the most demanding clients. We provide the feel of luxury at mid-level pricing and offer all the benefits you would find at a high end flower shop but at much more affordable prices thanks to our unique set-up that brings the art of designing and crafting bouquets and arrangements into the new digital era. Under the motto of "Passion to Perfection", we positioned Thornhill Florist as a future-oriented premium floral brand with consistently highest possible standards. Get inspired with our wedding, floral and garden ideas.

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