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Latest Floral Trends


Latest Floral Trends

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Flower trends are constantly evolving. We follow latest trends in fashion, accessories and even fragrances but not many of us know that there is a fashion in floral design. Every yearhundreds of leading floral designers are getting together to discuss new varieties, colours and styles and establish directions for the next year.

Bouquets can demonstrate history, art, and the culture of a society. The introductionof such elements into our lives can change our moods and even our viewpoints dramatically. Most compelling trends are the ones that reference a natural garden-style wild and natural arrangements with a strong artistic vision.


The rustique style emphasizes a rich mix of textures and a muted, monochromatic color scheme. It features woodsy elements such as twigs, moss, pods, and grasses in shades of cream, green and brown for a sophisticated and pastoral look.


The nostalgique style celebrates a classic, timeless look featuring abundant masses of garden flowers such as snapdragons, roses and hydrangea arranged in classic urns. Color schemes are retro-inspired peach and green, pale yellow and cornflower blue, amber and red are set off with either vintage containers or stems and vases decorated with natural elements.


The simplicite approach features a pared down aesthetic, relying more on clean geometric forms and monochromatic color schemes than a use of complicated technique.


Finally, the haute couture style focuses on the latest colors and trends from the Parisian fashion runways: bright fuchsia or purple paired with black, deep plum and chartreuse, shimmering gold and brown, and the bold use of vivacious hues and patterns that evoke baroque and byzantine influences.


Best trends right now in bouquets and centerpieces carry out this natural, organic theme in flowers, containers, and accessories vine and leaf-wrapped vases, the use of seasonal garden flowers arranged in flowing romantic lines, and the incorporation of charming finishing touches such as butterfly orchids floating in and around the arrangement. For a bolder, more contemporary look - groupings of lush flowers with a contrasting touch for example, hot pink hydrangea with a tuft of deep black calla lilies arranged fashionably to one side.


If you have a strong vision for your flowers you should follow that vision no matter what the current trend or fashion dictates. There are some trends from which is better to stay away. For example big floral balls devoid of stems and foliage placed on top of tall cylinder vases, is a bit dated an unnatural look. Also forego the trend of submerging flowers under water for the same reason. It is essential to maintain the underlying connection with nature that is inherent in the idea of working with organic materials using artistry and technique to enhance the presentation of the flowers rather than detract from it. To carry out this kind of natural style, organic containers are an effective tool as is using a variety of greens in designs. Most importantly, flowers should be arranged as if they are growing in the garden or in the meadow rather than in a stiff, formulaic composition.

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